Right now, I’m sitting in my Dodge Durango passenger seat beside my husband of 20 years.  My children are sitting in the 2nd and 3rd rows, chattering among themselves over the, only audible to me, sounds of zapping, beeping, crashing, and clanging.  Apparently, they are giving one another a play by play of each move they make in the video game they are playing.  The incessant meowing from my two cats has mellowed and we are happily hauling our 27ft home down the I-495 to Maine.

We are a rather frugal family.  Hubby worked his way up in retail management and I’m a stay-at-home mom to our 4 children.  We are a homeschooling family and when I get my way, we invest in experiences over material possessions.  Our life has always been this way and really, nothing seemed to be in the works to change it.  My husband and I only had one big plan for our future.  We had always said we would split our retired years between our 4 children, traveling by RV spending 3 months with each.  It was our dream, but neither of us was truly making an effort to see it to fruition.

It was the end of June when my husband and I lightheartedly joked about him leaving his job of almost 20 years so we could travel the country with our kids in an RV.  We didn’t have but a few dollars to our names, we didn’t own an RV, and frankly, my husband thinks a trip to Harbor Freight is an adventure.  Imagine my panic-stricken joy when my husband blurted out after midnight that we should just pack up and make this trip happen now!  The spontaneous adventurer in me wanted to leap from the bed and see who this imposter beside me was, however, I could only toss his words around in my mind.  It was an impossible dream, but one we would work to become our reality a few short weeks later.

What were we thinking?  I’m certain we had no idea!  No idea that 2 days before our 20th anniversary, we’d have exchanged a house for our 240 sq.ft. home.  That we would laugh more and fight more than we have in years.  That our family would have traveled back in time to the 1800’s in Sturbridge, MA only days after watching helicopters hover above us as FBI and bomb squad units rushed by us in the streets of New York City.  That for my birthday a week ago, I would be on a boat with my incredible family watching humpback whales wave their tails to us from the Boston Harbor.  I’m absolutely certain we had no idea giving up almost everything we owned would lead us to this incredibly rich life of knowing there is no such thing as an impossible dream afterall.

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God bless!