Our family has officially been on the road for 6 weeks and I cannot begin to tell you the incredible spectrum of emotions and experiences we have faced.  When Jason and I decided to take on this endeavor, in spite of the obvious challenges ahead, we had great faith we would thrive.  While others struggled to grasp how we could possibly walk away from the known, we stayed focused.  When I would question whether we should pursue this experience and throw away all stability, Jason was rock solid in affirming that we needed to press forward.

Each day is a blank canvas and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit the unknown is entirely overwhelming at times.  In all honesty, much of this journey hasn’t been nearly as spiritual as we intended.  The worst in all of us has surfaced from the pressures of this life on the road, much of which has come from our own inability to trust God is in control.  Far too many days began without asking God to lead and far too few nights ended with prayer that He would be our guide.  Yet, somehow, as in all things, He has worked all of this together for good.  Despite our lack of faith, He has revealed His presence and I’m finally at a place I’m able to reflect upon His enduring love for us.

A couple of days ago, we decided to walk a trail near Wells, Maine.  For the first time in many weeks, our family slowed our pace and just breathed in the beauty of our surroundings.  And as we walked, God spoke to me ever so clearly without a single audible sound.  The trail was short, but the message was long.  A patch of foliage upon the ground, similar to the many patches of shrubbery I’ve passed in my life, was suddenly amplified.  I was seeing clearly how God enjoys and designed diversity.  The thin-needled pine was  standing alongside the short, fat-leafed shrubs.  The flowering weeds were partnered with baby maples that would one day tower above them.  And yet, despite their diversity, they grow together.  Some more attractive, some plain, yet apparently appetizing to the critters of the forest, and some which will grow to provide shade and shelter to all who call this place home.  All are needed and are uniquely designed to work together.  What a beautiful thing!

We are living a life unique to many.  Some may challenge how we can all fit together in such a small space.  Yet, even the squirrels of the forest find respite in the smallest of trees.  Have we given up too much to ever regain a place in what may be deemed a “normal” life?  I hope so.  I believe there is space for living this lifestyle that I often missed as I sped along the path.