Tomorrow marks 7 weeks since the Allen family hit the road!  Here’s a look at where we’ve been over the last several weeks.

Week 1:  Change of Plans

We loaded up our tiny 17 ft camper with all of our possessions and hit the road from Cape Coral, FL.  We spent 3 dreary days in the Florida Panhandle trying to figure out the best way to set up living/sleeping arrangements.  No amount of Tetris-skill was going to fit our family of 6 into that camper for long, so after 3 days, we decided to upgrade.

We were blessed to find exactly what we needed right away.  We are now the proud owners of a 27 ft (2009) Dutchman Adirondack travel trailer.


Week 2:  Grandparents, birthdays, and socks with sandals…oh my!

The RV dealer allowed us to park our tiny camper on their lot for the week while we took our new home up to NC to visit my parents.  We actually spent the first 2 nights of week 2 sleeping in hotels because we had a lot of road to travel to make it in time.  We decided it wasn’t worth setting up and tearing down if we were only going to stay long enough to get a few hours of sleep.

We made it to NC just in time to celebrate my mom’s birthday.  It was wonderful to see my sisters and brothers after not seeing each other in so long!  We had a great time reconnecting and sharing our plans with them.

Emma celebrated her 9th birthday a couple days later, so she requested we go to Cracker Barrel for lunch with Meemaw, Pop-Pop, and my sister, Evie.  After lunch, the kids picked out a few dozen candy sticks from the country store and we met back at my mom and dad’s house for a little party.  They decorated in Minnie and Mickey to also celebrate Liam’s belated 10th birthday.  He turned 10 just before we set out on our journey, so we didn’t really get to celebrate his big double digit birthday as we normally would have.  Thank you, Meemaw and Aunt Evie for working so hard to make their day so special!

My mom made Emma an ice cream cake and they bought Liam a Biltmore cheesecake.  This little guy sure has expensive taste!  After cake, Aunt Evie took the kids to a game store to pick out a few more Nintendo DS games to add to their collection.

Finally, we have had to adjust our wardrobe for life on the road.  Liam’s old flip-flops weren’t cutting it anymore, so we picked up a pair of sandals for him.  He’s taken it upon himself to enter the fashion-less trend of wearing socks with his sandals.  His smile beams brighter than his socks, so we are all for it!

Week 3:  The Great State Drive-by

Week 3 was a blur as we raced from northern FL up to Bainbridge, NY.  What’s in Bainbridge, NY that would cause us to drive-by so many great states? Well, our first rally for Full-time Families!  Believe it or not, there are tons of us out here just traveling this great country full-time in our RVs.  Most of my pictures still need to be downloaded from my awesome camera, so I will update with those soon.

We stopped in northern AL, TN, VA, and Gettysburg, PA along the way.

Mayfield Dairy tour, TN

Week 4: Full-time Families (FtF) Colonial Rally – Bainbridge, NY

Pics coming soon

Week 5.5:  NYC

After 10 days in Bainbridge, NY, we decided to hit the Big Apple.  We had a crazy time navigating our way into the nearest campground with only a minor side-swiping incident.  Thankfully, the car owner decided it was repairable by buffing out and didn’t file a claim!  We were only in NYC for 4 nights, but it was a very exciting and exhausting experience.